October 2020 CrossFit Programming Update - Amoskeag

October 2020 CrossFit Programming Update

October crossfit programming update
October crossfit programming update

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A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

We entered September on a deload week of our “Wendler-esque” strength cycle before getting after a re-test of our lifts in week 2 of the month. In the same second week, we saw (2) Hero workouts that we had dedicated for Labor Day (“Wade”) and another for 9/11 (“9/11 Tribute”). Sandwiched between our Hero workouts was the re-test of the Strength Cycle, finding a new 2RM in the Deadlift, Back Squat, and Strict Press! IT WAS A BIG WEEK OF TRAINING AND TESTING! As our strength cycle came to a close, we kicked off our focus for the rest of September, Skills and Conditioning (originally we planned this being a lead in to the October Open but…ya know, plans change!). In terms of Conditioning, we sought a broad exposure. Each week we stuck to our Conditioning goal of a sub 10:00 workout once a week, an over 25:00 workout once a week, and in between those ends for the remaining days (10-18min is our bread and butter!). As far as the Skill work was concerned we designated at least (1) dedicated Skill session including the following; DB Windmills & L-Sits, Bar Muscle-Ups & Knees to Elbows, Tempo OHS & Cossack Squats, Turkish Get-Ups & Sit-Thurs, and finally Hollow Body Pull-Up work. These skills will definitely come into play as we work our way into October! 

In October, we will continue to ride the Skill momentum of September while utilizing the increased conditioning in benchmark tests that combine capacity and skill! Skill work will continue at least once per week with athletes stepping out of the training mindset and into a practice mindset…slow down, be intentional, then speed it up! Starting the year we expected to see the Open take place this month, but as we know, things in this world change fast! In the spirit of the Open (which will now take place in February 2021) we will be introducing Open 20.2 as a test workout in week 2 of October with a quick re-test in the final week! In this quick turn around, we will give athletes an opportunity for a very quick “did I do better” analysis. The 20min format and the movement combo seen in 20.2 should offer our athletes the opportunity to ring that PR bell at least once…maybe twice! Don’t be surprised if we also sneak a Games qualifier or Games workout in there for all of our NCMETCON followers! In addition to this very ‘mini’ Open, we’ve got some CLASSICS for ya. The first Benchmark that we will hit in the month will be the ever famous “Fran”, talk about pure power output and capacity (this was planned for Sept but will show up in Oct) as well as “Death Row”, “Isabel”, and our 3RM C&J and 3RM Snatch. Buckle up for an amazing month of Skills & Conditioning! 

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

September went from taper to testing for our NCCOMPETE friends. With the postponement of the Open to Feb/March timeframe, we adjusted out plans accordingly. In the first half of September, we saw heavy testing of a lot of our key lifts…we came to the end of our progressions for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch, rounded out or 2RM tests from NCMETCON, and also got the finishing touches on our Wendler cycle for the Push Press and Front Squat. In addition to all of our lifts, we added some more specific GOAT WORK in for our competitors. This is part of the skills focus for the month of September. Whenever there is a GOAT day programmed, we are looking to slow things down, reduce volume, increase intention, and put ourselves into a practice environment (as opposed to a training environment). In the middle of the month, we backed off for a full week giving athletes much needed rest after the heavy testing (and also to keep our promise on a little of the beloved taper rest). In the second half, we kicked off a new Wendler cycle, got our touches on the higher volume weightlifting tests, and also tackled the “test flight” versions of the NCMETCON baselines. We rounded out the month with a few crowd favorites…Fran and Diane sneaking in at the end of the month.

October — Let’s go!! We will be kicking off our Wendler cycle for the Back Squat and Strict press with a retest of our 1RMs in the beginning of the month of November. To continue with our skills focus, we will continue our GOAT work throughout the month of October. This is a great way not only to work on our skills but to subtly reduce the training volume and the training stress. We want to intentionally take the foot off the gas and slow things down. The reason we want to do that is because…we want you to really throttle down when it matters most! Since the beginning of the year we have tested 13…yup, 13 Open or Open-Remix workouts. That’s awesome! With the major goal of this program to improve performance in online comps like the Open…there’s no better way to gain exposure than through exposure. In October, we will be continuing that trend with a test week of (3) Open Workouts…and even better…(3) that we have never seen before this year. In the week of 10/5, we will line up three Open workouts for our athletes. Each open workout will have a training day or rest day between it and the next Open test (M – W – F). Throughout the month of October, we will see our training continue as normal and then culminate at the end of the month with a retest of these three workouts in the same MWF format. Fun times for our warriors! Of course, NCCOMPETE athletes will also get their touches on the NCMETCON benchmarks of Death Row, Isabel, and the 3RMs for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk…absolute classics!

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