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Reno Update + Extra Credit Overview

Looks like our renovation project should be coming to a close this week. Here are some key facts for anyone that hasn’t looked around the new space.

  • We’ve added two new bathrooms. One for the men + one for the ladies. Each has facilities for two people & double sinks. If you’ve been using the shower room to dry your hair, apply makeup, etc… please plan on using the 2nd bathroom for that beginning on 4/20 (next Monday). This is mostly for you, Jim Bell.
  • Yes. There is going to be a 33 yard stretch of turf along the back wall. Get ready for sprints/sleds/etc..
  • You’ll also notice a new rig, new squat racks, and some fun new pieces of equipment. Feel free to explore pre or post class as we start to work them into our cycle. Of personal interest – the two new yolks (total of four now) as well as our brand spanking new reverse hyper machine
  • Lastly, the new entrance. We’ll begin using the new glass doors on Saturday, 4/18. We mayleave the wooden door unlocked for a short period of time.. but plan on switching please πŸ™‚
  • Festivus Games / Open House Week

    We will be having an open house in conjunction with the Festivus games comp. There are still spots left if you would like to compete in the intermediate or novice divisions. You must sign up by 4/16. As for the open house please come by, bring your friends and root on some of your co-athletes.

    Extra Credit

    You’ve seen the extra credit on the Assault Bikes (read “AD” in the WOD). This will continue to scale upwards as we work on making people crazy fast. Additionally with the new space you’ll see more and more extra credit programming which may evolve into a totally separate second workout. More details to come on how to jump in on that if you are interested.

    Enjoy the week and PLEASE TAKE IT EASY ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY if you are competing Saturday.


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