September 2020 Programming Update - Amoskeag

September 2020 Programming Update

september programming update
September Programming Update

CrossFit Amoskeag is the only area CrossFit gym to offer open gym all the time. If we’re open, then our open gym area is open. Come drop into a class and then check it out. Interested? E-mail Dan at

A-Side.. Our 60 Minute Group Fitness Class

We all love a strength cycle, and in August we got it! Throughout the month we implemented a Wendler-esque cycle with the goal of improving strength and performance in the 2RM in (3) lifts: Squat, Deadlift, and Press. Over the course of the cycle we tested the 2RM, worked in a linear progression, de-loaded, and then retested. This is a tried and true way to see gains when working with the barbell. In addition, we definitely chased “The Pump” throughout the month with dedicated finishers which really leaned into our “Powerlifting and Pump” focus.

It’s important to remember that even though we leaned pretty heavily into a strength focus for the month (and will continue to do so in September) we still got plenty of classic metcons done. In fact, we made a commitment to at least (1) Chipper-style workout a week. Everyone loves a chipper!

August also brought back classic benchmarks like Helen and DT as well as some variations and spin-offs of other classics like Karen, Jackie, Fran, and Cindy. Last but not least, NCFIT brought its very own heat with the always fast and fun “California Love” benchmark…a remix of the Classic workout that won the 2008 Games for Jason Khalipa. As we wrap up the month, we are treated to a ‘deload week’ leading into our 2RM retest coming up in early September. 

Kicking September off it’s time to put our previous week’s gains to the (re)test! For the week of 9/7, we will establish new 2RMs in each of the (3) lifts that we have been working on and the PR Bells will be ringing. September comes with quite a few important dates, Labor Day (9/7) and a Day of Remembrance on (9/11). We are aware that both of these days fall on the same week that lines up with our 2RM retests and have planned accordingly. Labor Day (9/7) we see “Wade”, followed later in the week on Friday (9/11) we will be honoring those lost with a “9/11 Tribute” workout. The NCMETCON Baselines I – II – III (all with a new twist!) will be making a return in the third week of the month. We’ve designed these Baselines as measurable and repeatable tests of fitness — going forward we will be hitting these 2x/year. This is the final time this year that we see these tests (and the first time with the new twist), but rest assured that we will continue testing these in the years to come!

A final note for ALL PROGRAMS, we will be helping support the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run on Sat, 9/26 with an optional additional workout. The UHTR helps bring much needed relief to the island of Kauai in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.   

301 burpees for Liberty House. 1 Burpee for every canned item donated. Great job!!!

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

In August, we took a little bit of a different approach to the NCCOMPETE blueprint. It was a much more structured month with three specific weekly training goals — 1.) We hit (3) additional metcons a week in the 15 minute range (plus 2 skill days and 2 recovery days); 2.) We kicked off a ‘simple’ OLY cycle which really focused on getting reps at the full movement and overloading the pull; and 3.) We got more touches on the heavy bar building to a 1RM retest of the Front Squat and Push Press through a Wendler cycle. August also brought back a few touches on classic Open and Regional style workouts (high volume MU tests, metcon then barbell cycling, pistol and handstand walk skill tests) — we’ve got a lot of years of Open and Regional programming to look back on and what better way to prep for those workouts! When we first planned out the year August was going to be the last “heavy training” month before a September taper…but as we all know…a few “curveballs” were thrown our way so read on for the new September outlook! 

Well, we aren’t tapering in September folks! There’s no October Open coming our way and more than likely no January Open either. The best bet we have right now is planning for an Open in Feb-March time frame. Know what? GOOD. More time to train. Here’s the plan for September…we are going to get really, really, really ridiculously strong. Once our FS & PP Wendler and OLY cycles wrap, we will take a week off with lower volume to allow the body to recover then we will jump right into 1RM tests for the Back Squat and Strict Press. Off of those 1RMs, we will enter another round of 5-3-1. At the same time, we will be testing higher volume OLY by setting a benchmark for the 5RM and 10RM Snatch and Clean in the Power position.

We spent a lot of August training the full receiving position of these movements; however, in September we focus much more on the ability to pull, get explosive through the middle, and get that bar high enough to receive above parallel. Our strength portions will guide and set the tone for the month, but we will also see the NCFIT Baselines, Fran, and Diane as tests. The Baselines will test athletes in all of our major themes — raw strength, mono, oly, sprint, grind, and classic metcon. And Fran and Diane will test…well, you know! Get ready to try to push sub 5:00 (or dare we say sub 3:00) in both!

Let’s use this month as an opportunity to put some fitness money in the bank! A final note for ALL PROGRAMS, we will be helping support the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run on Sat, 9/26 with an optional additional workout. The UHTR helps bring much needed relief to the island of Kauai in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

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