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Staying Grounded: 5 Great Ankle Mobility Stretches

Recently at a CrossFit Competition a competitor asked what he would be bracing his feet against during a sled drag, to which the host answered….. the EARTH. Yes the answer was a little tongue in cheek but also made me think for a moment.

Our feet are usually our only connection with the ground and the closest major joint to them is the ankle, yet we typically spend very little time working on improving ankle function. On top of that our feet spend the majority of time being shoved into shoes and socks which means they are rarely directly in contact with the ground which decreases our tactile feel. Add to that the fact that ankle injuries are very common yet rarely rehabbed and we end up with a ton mechanical flaws and compensatory pain. If everything in our bodies is interconnected and our only connection with the ground is compromised then everything that happens from the ground up will be compromised.

Give those tired old dogs a little love and reap the benefits. Try the 5 exercises below in order and your whole body will thank you. It makes for a great warm up for any exercises involving your lower body.

Feet self massage

Banded ankle distraction

Ankle 4 way

Single leg stance

Toe yoga

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