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This Weeks Programming Update – A versus B


Now that we are past that… On to the good stuff.

We’re going to start incorporat A aningd B workouts into the metcon section of our programming.

Why? Some workouts are hard, others are harder πŸ™‚

If you are newish to CrossFit we want you to be able to take on the more challenging workouts and not be absolutely destroyed. So instead of giving you a hellish workout, like tomorrows WOD, we’ll give you a WOD that would help you get better, faster.

This way the more advanced folks can continue to progress to higher levels. At the same time athletes that are newer will be able to “catch” the more advanced athletes faster.

Make sense?

How do you know which path to follow. The easiest way — if you have to scale more than 1 item in the A WOD — go with the B WOD. Using Monday as an example, if you can’t do double unders AND you would struggle to do 25 wall balls unbroken for 5 rounds please proceed to workout B.

If you have any questions, or are interested in some personal training sessions to get you caught up to those A WODs faster, please email me directly at Brad, Tiffanie and Mike are all doing regularly scheduled 1:1’s now for reasonable hourly rates.

Team CFA

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