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Three Things You Should Ask When Joining CrossFit

There are a lot of CrossFit gyms around.  They are popping up everywhere.  You may be able to hit two with a decently long golf ball from your front porch (seriously).  So with so many, and all of them different how do you know what is good and what isn’t?  Here are three quick questions you can ask about their facility and program that any coach or member of the gym should be able to answer.
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#1 Do You Publish Your Warm Ups?

It’s just a warm up.. it’s not that important… WRONG.  If a facility publishes their warm ups it means they are spending a lot of time thinking about how to get you ready for that days workout (program).  If they are investing any time on the warm up… that means they probably investing a lot of time on the workouts (program).  Having a well planned and thought out program makes a world of difference when it comes to results and injury prevention.

If the warm up isn’t published you may be taking a chance that the programming is not well thought out.  It could mean that the coach for your class is going to take you through a completely different warm up than the coach for the class before you. Does that mean both classes are equally prepared?  Think about what that could do over the course of weeks, months or years.

[testimonial author=”Mike” description=”October Member of the Month” img=””]
I would be lying if I didn’t say losing all the weight I have and getting into better shape was one of my biggest achievements. Going from 220 to 170 was something I never thought possible when I first started this journey.

#2 Is It OK To Come In And Train for Other Things?

Goals are important.  Everyone should have their own.  We like behavioral goals — i.e. I’m going to come to CrossFit classes three days per week.  Great goal.  Easy to track.  At the end of each week you know if you did it or not.  What if your goal is to run a 5K, 10K or a marathon?  Should you only go to a one hour CrossFit class 5 days per week?

No way.Working on Endurance with a CrossFit Coach

Should you be allowed to come in and do some extra endurance work 2-3 days per week?


If you want to accomplish something, your fitness facility should help you get there.  If they force you to only attend their hour long classes and only follow their daily programming you are missing out.
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Why do I choose to Crossfit? it just makes me feel good, the challenge, the results each day getting strong.

#3 Do You Offer Any Programs or Services Outside of CrossFit?

Yoga at CrossFit Amoskeag
The answer to this should obviously yes. No one wants a one trick pony, especially if it costs $150+ per month. You should be given access to courses tailored to improve specific weaknesses. This might be lifting a barbell, jumping rope or doing gymnastics classes. Yoga, massage, identifying imbalances with movement, nutrition… the list goes on.

If for some reason the CrossFit gym you are looking into says ‘no’ or doesn’t do one of the above things ask yourself a question — why don’t they? Often the answer is they don’t have the time, space, equipment etc..

Get the most value out of your CrossFit membership and find a location that can help you reach your human potential.

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