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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Nutrition Coach

Nutrition is a funny thing. There is excitement, fads, science, fake science, bro science and even straight up ignorance (see everything the FDA has published about low-fat/high carbs).  Here are three important things to ask about or look for in your next nutrition coach

Is there one diet that is better than all the rest?

This doesn’t have to be “diet”.  It could be “nutrition plan”, “meal plan” or even “macro numbers”.  The real answer is, “No”.  There is no one set of parameters that is better for one person versus the next.  Everyone should have an individualized nutrition program based on where they are at, their goals, and their nutritional history/activity level.  If you hear “this is the best” or “one-size fits all”…. head right out the door.

If I make my diet more complicated, will I loose weight?

This is funny, right?  The biggest reason people fail at “diet” is because of complexity.  We like to talk about plans, not diets.  It’s about habits and life changes, not restricting calories (though that may be a part of it).  Generally speaking the easier you make your diet out to be the better off you are.  HINT: Focus on quality.

Nutrition Coaching at Bedford’s Top Gym

My weight matters, right?

Well… sorta.  Technically it only matters to you.  While we want total weight to be in a given range for any height or weight.. what we really want to see is skeletal mass remaining the same, muscle mass remaining the same or increasing, and body fat decreasing.  Why?  This means that you are looking lean and toned while decreasing your chances for any number of diseases.  If muscle increases and fat decreases then your overall weight may remain the same.  See what we did there?

CrossFit Amoskeag has a team of nutrition coaches.  Reach out to heather@crossfitamoskeag if you would like more info.

You can also download our nutrition guide to healthy eating here.

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