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Warren – Fitness After Forty

What was your life like before CrossFit Amoskeag?
Life Was Good – CrossFit Was Challenging. I Had Learned Of CrossFit By Watching The Games On TV A Few Times But Never Ventured To A CrossFit Gym. My Son Tim And I Ran Into A Local Affiliate’s Members At A Restaurant Near The 2013 Regionals In Canton MA. They Invited Us To Their Gym And My Son Completed The Murph Hero WOD And We Were Hooked. I Spent Each Saturday Morning At Their Gym, And Began Doing Workouts At Home During The Week. By November, I Had Convinced The Owner To Change The First Daily Workout To 6 AM So I Could Attend And For The Next 5 Months I Progressed As Anyone Would. Unfortunately, The Owner Of This Particular Facility Held A Very Specific View Of What CrossFit “Was” And “Wasn’t” And Following The 2014 Open, I Was Kindly Asked Not To Return.

I Then Spent The Next 4 Months Building A Home Gym With All The Basics Needed To Complete Most CrossFit Workouts. By July, I Knew There Was Something Missing And The Workouts Became More Of A Chore. I Began Working Out At CF Nashua On Saturdays And Learned The Importance Of Fellow Athletes And Community. Since CFN Wasn’t Convenient For Morning Workouts And My Commute To Boston, I Began Searching For Other Local CrossFit Gym’s. In Early August I Discovered CrossFit Amoskeag And Followed Their Progress Towards Opening. After Being Open A Few Weeks I Stopped By For A Meet/Greet With Bob And Then A Workout With Brad The Following Morning. After The Workout, And Understanding The Gym’s Philosophy, I Signed Up And Began Attending Regular Workouts And Have Been For The Past 3 Years.
Why were you apprehensive about joining?
Prior To Joining CrossFit Amoskeag, I Had Attended Workouts At 4 Area CrossFit Gyms. I Discovered That Most Area Affiliates Are Single Proprietor Owners And Each Had A Different Vision Of What They Wanted Their Gyms To Be And Were Not Interested In Other Views. Fortunately, And Unfortunately, I See Things Differently Than Most And Like To Challenge And Influence Different Points Of View. I Learned At CrossFit Amoskeag, There Were Multiple Owners And A Variety Of Coach’s Throughout The Week Which Guaranteed That A Single Point Of View Would Not Be The Norm.
What is life like for you now?
Life Is Still Good And So Is My CrossFit World. I Have Created Consistency With My Physical Health By Incorporating Much Of The CrossFit Philosophy. I Have Achieved My Main Goal Of Increasing My Overall Strength But Feel That My Personal Health And Fitness Are Much Better Than I Could Have Expected. And As Important, Through The Open-Mindedness Of The Ownership Group And Their Coach’s We’ve Been Able To Enhance The Community Of CFA Members, Even If Just A Little Bit. It Is A Great Feeling To Have The Trust And Faith Of The Gym Members To Try Something New And Different That Impacts Their Lives And Maybe Have A Little Fun.
By Joining CrossFit Amoskeag And Immersing Myself In It, I Have Been Able To Learn How To Make Significant Changes To My Own Personal Self, And Then Share Those Learnings With Others – Which Is Why This May Be One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made.
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