We Support Monkey's - Amoskeag

We Support Monkey’s

We’re very sad to see Coach Tiff go. Three months away is a long time and we wish her the absolute best.

But since we had to send her off.. we might as well do it with a bang.. Or a banana.. Or a barrel full of monkey’s.limbe logo

Supporting Limbe

Fixing the rigWe believe in community, charity and support. On November 18th we honored our Coach for her support through our opening and first three months of service. We also supported her supported her African community, the Limbe Wildlife Center, through the charity and support of our CrossFit Amoskeag community.

We Raised $366,000 CFA

Cameroon Francs exchange at about 524 per 1 USD. That brings our total to $700. We used the money, every dollar raised, to directly adopt monkey’s on-site at the refuge. This way 100% of the proceeds go to the animals or the direct support of the animals. No middle people.


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