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Weekly Programming Update | Final Week of Open

Ahh… the open. We’re closing in on the final week. It’s been really fun to watch everyone work through, progress, and hit some big milestones (like the featured image). I am grateful to everyone for making this such a fun five weeks.

Don’t think that we’re done being competitive. Everyone who did the scaled open should consider signing up for the Festivus Games. We’re hosting on 4/18. Should be a lot of fun.

Also would be good to keep your ear to the ground about our local in-house competition (we’ll host, obviously) and the local mock-regionals that we’re going to participate in.

As for this weeks programming — we’re going to keep building on single leg strength, gymnastics pulling and bring back an oldie but goodie — Single-mode aerobic work. Our rowing only workout this week is going to test everyone mentally and hand out a good dose of sore legs. Remember not to go “all out” but keep things at a steady pace just above what you could normally sustain for 500M. Will be a lot of fun!

For the split squats — the goal is to do 1/3 of your bodyweight in each hand. This of course would require you to keep your torso absolutely upright. If you can’t do that, you should be using a barbell to reinforce a tall chest. With a barbell, shot for your bodyweight.


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