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Why Hello, Good Mornings. How Are You?

So this is going to be the week where we start all over. You are going to see a couple new things this week and I’m going to give you a little bit of a homework assignment right here.

Good Mornings for Backside Stength

We’re going to stick with getting stronger. Our back squats and front squat numbers keep improving, but we are seeing a lot of tired backs out there. The next four weeks will have a little bit of lovin’ from our friend the good morning. Please do not go all out in week 1. If you’ve never done these before they are going to hurt in a way you never thought possible. YouTube video below is the best way to learn a bit before class on Tuesday.

Clean Pulls for Technique

Also going to take the opportunity to get strong in position. Clean pulls will show up for at least the next 4 weeks for everyone.. and then for the A group after that. This is a great opportunity to build some strength taking weight off the floor explosively. Remember to stay back on your heels for a successful pull & lift. Video below shows several varieties.

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