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Wodapalooza Elite Qualifying Girls

CrossFit Amoskeag Wodapalooza Elite Team QualifiersCrossFit Amoskeag has a lot of talented athletes.  Three that we want to congratulate today are Marisa Hardy, Shannon Arel and Karen Clark.  They succeeded in the grueling 10 Workout long, Wodapalooza Team Challenge and qualified as an Elite girls team – the first in CFA’s history.

These girls came together over 10 days to absolutely knock the 10 different workouts out of the park and finish 29th overall.  IN a packed field.  FULL of Elite Athletes.

To build on your perspective, there is an RX division below the Elite group where on game day, the weights will be lighter and the workouts easier.

What the Girls are Saying About Qualifying for Wodapalooza

Marisa and Karen Wodapalooza Elite Girls Team

When Marisa was asked about her decision to go team she said, “The past two years I have competed as an individual at the CrossFit East Regional and if I qualify this year I will again chose to go individual.  So why go team for a big competition like Wodapalooza when I also qualified as an individual?  The simple answer is to just have fun and compete alongside my teammates that are also my friends.  Don’t let that be misunderstood; I have fun competing individually but the pressure of an individual competition is much higher than that of a team competition.  It takes a different mindset for me to go compete individually than as a team, and I like to keep the stress and pressure off of my mind until the one important competition I have comes up, the CrossFit Open.”

Three time CrossFit Regional athlete, Granite Games competitor and past Wodapalooza Elite competitor, Shannon Arel, had this to add about community and friendship, “This will be my second time competing in Miami at the Wodapalooza and my first time traveling to compete as a part of the CFA community.  I’m excited to take the floor with these girls!  We’ve been training together for five short months and have really come together to understand one another and work together as if we have for years.  We are ready to have some fun as a team…. It’s just a bonus that they happen to be my friends as well.  Here’s to swimming like dolphins and eating all the donuts when done.”

Shannon Wodapalooza Elite Girls Team from CrossFit AmoskeagCoach Karen has a bit of a full circle point of view that she shared on finally competing alongside of her buddies on the national level.  “Wodapalooza with Shannon and Marisa is more than another competition; it is a representation of my journey through CrossFit coming full circle.  Shannon was one of the first people I semi-competitively CrossFit’ed with and I remember training with Marisa when she was first getting started.  Coming together as a team now, 5 years after I began down this road, is so exciting and I could not ask for two ladies I would prefer to lift, laugh, and compete with.”

When you see these three awesome ladies in the gym congratulate them.  Not just for qualifying, but for putting in all the hard work and doing it with a smile on their faces.

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